Iskustvo jednog učenika sa kampa: “Important event in my life”

The best event this year was when I visited Zlatibor and Sirogojno. Sirogojno is located in the municipality of Cajetina. All of those are very beautiful places. There are many old houses over there and gorgeous old restaurants and a hotel.

I went there on August 13th with my friend Srdjan Dukic and my English teacher Milena Vojnovic. She is a nice person and a good teacher. When I arrived there I met a lot of new teachers and other students, from other cities and schools. Later on we spent some time together and became very good friends. During those few days over there we were learning about media literacy and journalism through entertainment and fun games. We had a lot of workshops and one of them was a treasure hunt. We spent five days over there and we had a lot of fun. One thing I enjoyed the most was listening about media literacy because it was very interesting and entertaining. Every day I played UNO cards with old and new friends, and sometimes we would spent the time hanging out with our teachers. During those five days we got to know each other very well and learned what it means to have a real good friends. Only a few have an opportunity like that to travel, learn new things and meet new people.

This event was very important to me because of the people I met and things I learned. I will remember it for the rest of my life. We exchanged phone numbers and still keep in touch every day.

Luka Smiljanić

učenik VII razreda OŠ „Žarko Zrenjanin“, Apatin

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